This video is Part V in the Climate in Focus series.

How can your municipality determine if its climate action efforts are effective? Watch this video to better understand how climate action is resulting in positive social, environmental and economic outcomes for communities across Canada and how municipalities are continuing to evolve their climate approaches.

Watch this video to learn about:

  • The readiness of Canadian municipalities to act and how quickly change can occur
  • How using a climate lens for decision-making is a continuous and evolving process
  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability as intrinsically linked
  • How Canadian communities are learning from each other through FCM and other networks

Watch: Moving forward


Resources mentioned in the video
Check out these resources mentioned in the Climate in Focus video you just watched:
Guide: Financing tools for local climate action

PCP’s financing toolkit can help your community fund your programs and initiatives to meet your GHG reduction targets.

Watch the Climate in Focus video series
This video is part of the Climate in Focus video series. Check out all the other videos in the series to learn how your municipality can take climate action.
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Video series: Climate in Focus

Watch our video series to develop a core understanding of climate action in Canadian municipalities. Discover climate approaches and resources that can help your community reduce greenhouse gases and adapt to climate impacts.

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Previous video: Part IV: Ready. Set. Go.

Watch this video to understand how engaging local community organizations and other municipalities in your region can ensure the success of your climate action plan.

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This resource was developed by the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (2017-2022). This program was delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.

For more information on climate action funding, resources and training, please visit FCM’s Green Municipal Fund. For more information on asset management and climate resilience grants, training and resources please visit FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program.

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