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Canada’s cities account for about half of the greenhouse gas emissions produced in the country, and are at the leading edge of developing low carbon solutions. (Source: LC3)

The Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) network is a partnership between seven of Canada’s largest cities and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). Its mission is to support municipalities as they reach their carbon emissions reduction potential while improving public health, creating jobs and building resilient communities.

The LC3 network will design and scale-up low carbon solutions at the local level, sharing lessons learned and replicable activities with cities and communities of all sizes across Canada. From taking proven solutions to full-scale adoption, to addressing energy efficiency in buildings and identifying urban renewable energy opportunities, the LC3 Centres will:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and help cities meet their climate goals
  • Implement local benefits and build better lives for residents in their communities
  • Secure local matching funds and co-investments from other sectors

This partnership is made possible by a $183 million endowment from the Government of Canada.

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LC3 Centres from coast-to-coast

Each LC3 Centre will receive an endowment to invest, and use the returns to fund grant programs, research, policy advocacy and local operations for projects that reduce GHG emissions in their respective cities. The Centres are based on the successful TAF (or The Atmospheric Fund) model, which has been operating in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area since 1991.

LC3 Centres include:

The National Office, hosted by FCM, serves as the liaison with the federal government on behalf of the LC3 Centres. It will report on the Centres’ activities and outcomes; coordinate shared services; and develop a learning hub to encourage collaboration and support knowledge-sharing between the Centres.

Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) supports cities and communities in reaching their carbon emissions reduction potential. This initiative, implemented in partnership among seven local centres and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), was established through an endowment from the Government of Canada.

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