FCM and the CMA Foundation have joined forces to create the COVID-19 Community Response Fund for Vulnerable Populations. This fund, made possible thanks to a $10-million philanthropic donation from the CMA Foundation, supports 72 municipalities across the country as they address the urgent needs of vulnerable populations struggling with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Q. How were the designated municipalities identified?
A. The 72 designated municipalities are based on those communities already identified as needing support to address homelessness through the existing federal Reaching Home program (Designated Communities and Indigenous Communities streams)

Q. How will I know if my municipality will receive funding through the Community Response Fund for Vulnerable Populations?
A. If your municipality is listed here, then your municipality will be receiving funding.

Q. My municipality is on the list to receive a donation. Do we need to apply for funding?
A. There is no need to apply. Identified municipalities will receive funding directly. The amount your municipality will receive will be communicated to you by FCM on behalf of the CMA Foundation in the coming days, along with other details.

Q. My municipality is on the list to receive funds. What can we spend the donation on?
A. This donation is intended to support vulnerable people in your community in the context of COVID-19. While municipalities will have flexibility in determining local needs and priorities additional detail on eligible expenses will be communicated by FCM in the coming days.

Q. I work for an organization that serves as the Community Entity under the federal Reaching Home program. Will our organization be receiving funding?
A. No. The funding will go directly to the 72 identified municipalities. You may wish to contact the municipality in which you operate to discuss local initiatives.

Q. I work for a community-based organization that works with vulnerable people. Can we access this funding?
A. No. The funding will go directly to the 72 identified municipalities. If your organization operates in one of those municipalities, you may wish to contact them to discuss local initiatives.

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