March 30, 2021

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) is the newest partner to join the Regional Energy Coaches (REC) pilot project, which is led by FCM’s Sustainable Affordable Housing (SAH) initiative.

Aging housing stock, rising energy costs, and increasing demand for affordable housing have posed unique challenges to Canadians working to build better lives. The RECs, which include the Community Housing Transformation Centre (the Centre) and the BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA), fill this gap. Through project planning and technical support, walk-through energy assessments, and coaching to identify and evaluate project feasibility, RECs will help affordable housing providers plan and initiate energy efficiency retrofits and new builds. 

With a membership that boasts more than 900 housing co-operatives and 100 associations across Canada, CHF Canada’s mission is to inspire, represent and serve its members throughout the housing sector. Providing its members with expert advice and support, resources and education, professional development and political advocacy, grants and scholarships for specials projects and much more, CHF Canada is a driving force in the affordable housing sector. They were also part of the Advisory Group that informed and supported the design of the SAH initiative.

The REC pilot project is funded by the Centre’s Sectoral Transformation Fund and FCM’s SAH initiative. The Centre was created through Canada’s National Housing Strategy, and is funded by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Government of Canada. SAH is funded through an endowment from the Government of Canada.

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