June 2, 2022

 Big City Mayors' Caucus Chair and Halifax Mayor Mike Savage issued the following statement on today’s meeting of the caucus. 

“The Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Big City Mayors’ Caucus meets today at the outset of FCM’s 2022 Annual Conference to discuss how cities can help lead a strong, inclusive and sustainable recovery. This pandemic has emphasized how much community matters to our economy and our daily lives. It is in our cities that millions of Canadians live, work, learn and raise a family.

“Big-city mayors are focused on the priorities people deeply care about and fixing the housing crisis is top of mind.

“Increasing the right kind of housing supply—homes that are actually affordable—is fundamental to addressing inequity in our communities. Ensuring people have access to many kinds of affordable homes is a vital component of economic growth and is key to Canada’s recovery. Mayors all agree; more needs to be done to fix the housing crisis.

“Cities are doing their part to expand the right kind of housing supply—from rentals that won’t be converted to condos, to affordable housing beyond what markets can provide. Local leaders are prioritizing solutions that bring concrete changes in our communities and we are maximizing the tools and investment cities have, but it’s going to take all orders of government working together to fix this crisis once for all.

“The Caucus will be meeting with Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities Minister Dominic LeBlanc to discuss further action on housing affordability and the economic recovery. Getting it right on housing is critical for people who need a place to call home and to see their communities flourish, and it is a fundamental ingredient for liveable and resilient cities. As such, progress on housing also needs to be connected to progress on transit, reducing emissions, and making sure we have the core infrastructure in place to meet our cities and residents’ needs.

“Caucus discussions will also focus on an important part of the broader housing puzzle: how we can maximize new federal investments, like the Housing Accelerator Fund, to build more affordable units faster for Canadians. With allocations delivered upfront to major cities, the fund has the potential to deliver effective and efficient housing solutions for more people, particularly if it’s designed directly with cities: mayors know what the local needs are and how best to address them on the ground.

“Throughout the day, the Caucus will also discuss the situation in Ukraine, the recovery of downtowns and the Caucus’ commitment to, and work on, reconciliation. With the right tools, cities are recovery drivers and nation builders. The progress we’re making with the federal government on critical issues, like housing, public transit, and climate change, reflects this critical role cities play.”  

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