Calgary, AB

When: June 6-9, 2024
Where: Calgary Telus Convention Centre, Calgary, AB

Join more than 1,000 elected officials from coast to coast to coast for Redefining our future, FCM’s 2024 Annual Conference and Trade Show and Canada’s largest pan-Canadian gathering of elected officials.

Through our thoughtfully chosen activities and programming, AC 2024 will help you foster connections with your peers, partners and federal representatives while providing you with the tools and insights you to address challenges and embrace new opportunities for municipal success.

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Held under the theme Redefining our future, AC 2024 delegates will explore how we can build a future that provides Canadians with the best services and enhanced quality of life. In response to the challenges facing municipalities of all sizes across the country, FCM is championing a new Municipal Growth Framework: a new way to empower municipalities to successfully withstand the challenges they face today and in the future. Together, let's imagine a better future for our cities, communities and the Canadians we serve.

Why attend?

This is one event you won’t want to miss.



with other local leaders who range from Canada's rural, northern and remote regions to Canada’s biggest cities, who are focused on the same municipal issues.



best practices and gain new insights to meet your municipality’s ongoing challenges via workshops, study tours and discussions.



with key municipal partners, experts and suppliers at our sector-leading trade show, fostering the relationships you need to make your communities stronger



the vibrant city of Calgary and its unique municipal achievements through our popular study tours.



the national municipal agenda by electing our new Board, shaping our priorities and convening with federal leaders.



your community’s profile by exchanging expertise and sharing how you delivered innovative wins in your own municipality.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in person!

Don’t miss this chance to network with your peers

Discuss particular challenges, lessons learned, solutions and successes with your peers.

FCM’s Annual Conference and Trade Show is your chance to network with other local leaders who range from Canada's rural, northern and remote regions to our country’s biggest cities—with people who are focused on the same municipal issues and who have faced similar challenges. This is FCM’s conference strength.

Network with your peers
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