Canada’s municipal leaders are focused on delivering the local solutions, investments and innovations needed to directly improve the quality of life of their residents. FCM's Annual Conference and Trade Show will feature a broad selection of thoughtfully curated workshops, providing you with the tools and insights you need to deliver results in your community and support a better country for all.

Here are a few of the many workshops being offered. Stay tuned for more information!

Thursday, June 6

Pathways to progress: Global DEI benchmarks and equity impact statements
Municipalities are composed of diverse populations with varying ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, abilities and backgrounds. Many regions are experiencing demographic shifts, with increasing diversity. Preparing for these changes through anti-racism, equity, inclusion (AREI) initiatives ensures that municipalities can effectively address the needs of evolving populations and enables them to tailor more inclusive services. This session will provide the business case for AREI, introduce the Global DEI Benchmarks for best practice and outline a process to determine the equity impact of municipal initiatives.

Shifting to resilient, net-zero communities: Leveraging the Green Municipal Fund
Explore the remarkable transformations across the country as communities—big and small—progress towards equitable, resilient and net-zero futures. Discover the factors that make a project successful, valuable lessons learned and how communities are advancing solutions to achieve environmental, social and economic goals. Learn how the Green Municipal Fund's financing, funding and capacity-building solutions can assist your community in turning sustainability goals into reality.

Friday, June 7

Towards complete communities: A conversation about sustainable land use planning
This session explores sustainable land-use planning by looking at how municipalities are increasing housing through densification and building complete communities with integrated public transit systems, workplaces, shops and municipal services. Engage with experts as they discuss innovative approaches to growing healthy, connected and sustainable neighborhoods.

Healthy workplaces: Attracting and retaining municipal talent
In a short time, the pandemic has reshaped our work paradigms and the delivery of municipal services, putting unprecedented pressure on the health and well-being of elected officials and municipal employees. As a result, this shift has increased demands on HR professionals and introduced challenges in recruiting and retaining municipal talent. Hear from our panelists as we break down these barriers and explore ways to enhance inclusive and healthy workplaces and advocate for robust mental health support systems.

FCM's Municipal Den
Join some of Canada's leading innovators and municipalities as they present their groundbreaking ideas to enhance municipal services. Each presenter will have five minutes to captivate the audience and ignite enthusiasm for their project, service or big idea. The event aims to foster collaboration, inspire action and propel Canadian communities forward.

ASK THE EXPERTS—The critical role municipalities and farmers play in sustaining Canada’s food security
This panel discussion will examine how implementing municipal policies that support food security and sustainability can bolster the resiliency of our food system and improve access to nutritious, affordable food. Learn how municipalities are uniquely positioned to take meaningful action that considers the future of food production in Canada and the role farmers play in advancing municipal goals and delivering quality food.

Evolving practices: How to foster innovation within the municipal sector
Local governments are at the heart of citizen concerns. They provide essential services against a backdrop of escalating demands and constrained resources. To meet these challenges, municipal leaders and staff must shift toward more proactive, resilient and innovative approaches in public service delivery.

Join our panel discussion as we explore the importance of experimentation, pilot projects and strategic foresight in driving innovation within the public sector. We will also address strategies for enhancing adaptability and durability of municipal public service, ensuring it effectively responds to community needs.

Building thriving communities through third-sector partnerships
Across Canada, municipalities of all sizes and non-profit organizations are joining forces on innovative solutions for community development and support. Join us as we explore the partnerships between municipalities and non-profits in building vibrant, thriving communities, and learn about the role that YMCAs across Canada are playing to bridge funding gaps in community services.

ASK THE EXPERTS—So, you have a community tourism strategy. What’s next?
Many communities across Canada have a tourism strategy to guide their promotion and visitor attraction. Yet, with community priorities ranging from workforce development to protecting natural assets, how can municipalities better draw visitors while managing impacts on the ground?

Saturday, June 8

ASK THE EXPERTS—Enhancing rural connectivity: Bridging the digital divide in rural communities
Join industry leaders from across Canada and the United States to explore the latest advancements in rural connectivity. Discover how cutting-edge cellular network technologies and significant network investments are bringing unprecedented, fibre-like speeds to rural homes without the need for traditional wiring. Our panel will discuss how these innovations are providing more broadband options to Canadians, ensuring that we can all be connected.

Exploring innovative models of mental health crisis response
The way municipalities respond to community crisis is changing. From big to small, rural to urban, municipalities and their police forces are rethinking how to address mental health and non-violent crises. Responding to community pressures, new services and partnerships have emerged to divert crisis calls from the police to community-based support. This panel will explore examples of crisis response models in Canadian municipalities and provide a look into the future of mental health challenges.

Artificial Intelligence: Data Driven Insights for Municipalities
In recent years, communities of all sizes have increasingly embraced AI, recognizing its capacity to enhance the delivery of public services. From risk mitigation and data and decision making to climate modeling, AI has the potential to unlock unparalleled opportunities. Join this session led by experts with firsthand knowledge and dive into the realm of AI to discover how your community could benefit from it.

ASK THE EXPERTS—Asset management: Lowering carbon emissions with concrete
This panel will address lowering carbon emissions with an asset management approach that considers concrete infrastructure. Different perspectives will be highlighted by a professionally diverse panel that includes an asset owner, asset manager, and construction specialist.

Capital as catalyst: Community adaptation to climate risks
The Green Municipal Fund is gearing up to introduce Financing Adaptation—a funding opportunity under its Local Leadership for Climate Adaptation initiative—amidst escalating climate risks nationally and globally. This workshop dives into innovative financial strategies for enhancing climate resilience by brokering strategic partnerships between local governments and private investors. Hear from investors, the Green Municipal Fund and communities leveraging private capital to expand public sector financial capacity. By working together to accelerate the necessary de-risking projects, local governments and private organizations can help safeguard communities of all sizes for the future.

Advocacy essentials: Championing your community in the election and beyond
The federal election is coming – are you ready? Join an interactive session on advocacy for communities of all sizes. This workshop is designed to provide you with insider tips and tricks, from preparing your advocacy toolkit to engaging candidates on the campaign trail and once they’re elected. You will walk out of this workshop with foundational tools to champion your municipality's needs confidently and effectively.

ASK THE EXPERTS—Time for solutions: Prioritizing health and safety in the workplace
2024 has been a tumultuous year, marked by unprecedented challenges for Canadian municipalities. Record numbers of municipal officials have resigned due to hostile work environments, many staff are on health and stress leave, and it has been the warmest winter on record. Wildfires and floods have caused municipalities across Canada to declare emergencies, severely impacting worker health and safety.

Our panelists will share their firsthand experiences addressing these issues and will discuss strategies to safeguard the health and safety of all community workers and residents.

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