FCM’s Board of Directors is 74 members strong, with elected representatives from coast to coast to coast. Our board of directors give local priorities a voice at the national level. Eligible member municipal leaders are invited to get involved.

The FCM Board of Directors is elected annually in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting, which is held during our Annual Conference and Trade Show in late May/early June.

The election process launches at the Board of Directors meeting that occurs closest to March 1 every year. Detailed information on the annual elections, including requirements, procedures, and a calendar of deadlines are published on this web page at or around that time.

Eligibility is defined by the Bylaws:

3.07 Election of Directors. Each person seeking to be elected as a Director at the Annual General Meeting shall:

  1. be an Elected Municipal Official,
  2. have the approval of their Municipal Member, and
  3. be present at the meeting where he or she is to be elected, or provide written consent to the Chair to serve as a director before such meeting.


Additional information is provided here for planning purposes. Please check back after each election launch for up-to-date requirements in effect for the year.


If you have specific questions, contact us at elections@fcm.ca.

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