The success of FCM's international programming lies with its focus on local government development cooperation. Through FCM International, local governments are improving the way they deliver services, to the great benefit of men, women and children.

The awards for Outstanding Institutional Contribution to FCM International programs recognize Canadian local governments and local government associations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership in the scope of their participation in FCM's international programs. The projects in which they participated distinguished themselves in terms of innovation, support from their council or board, and their lasting impact in their partner community.

The Mike Badham Award is given to an individual whose contribution to FCM International has gone above and beyond in terms of innovation, creativity, engagement and leadership. This award was named after the late Mike Badham, former president of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities' Association, in recognition of the leadership and dedication he brought to FCM's international programs from 1996 until his untimely death in January 2006.

Take a look at our past recipients.

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