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Women in Local Government

Diverse Voices for Change

Diverse Voices for Change

A New Program for Women

Diverse Voices for Change is FCM's exciting new initiative to increase the number of women from diverse communities who are actively informed by, and engaged in, local government decision-making. Diverse Voices for Change will contribute to FCM's mandate of achieving 30 per cent women's participation in local government by 2026 by increasing the diversity of women in leadership roles at the municipal level.

Role of participating municipalities

The 5 participating municipalities will be able to access FCM's program officer for support throughout the initiative. Participating municipalities and community organizations will also have access to an enabling fund that will facilitate the initiative's activities.

FCM asks that municipalities:

  • Participate in Diverse Voices for Change from January 2016 to November 2018;
  • Have council adopt Diverse Voices for Change as a resolution;
  • Contribute 1.5 days per month to a local working group consisting of elected officials, municipal staff members and/or community organizations/advisory groups);
  • Take part in a scan on municipal decision-making processes in March 2016;
  • Facilitate focus groups from April to November 2016;
  • Take part in civic engagement workshops in March 2017;
  • Take part in strategies and recommendations workshops from April to November 2017;
  • Work collaboratively with 1 or more community partners (e.g., women's organizations, community organizations, and/or advisory groups).

Page Updated: 05/04/2016