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Women in Local Government

Women in Local Government

A New Program for Women

Women in Local Goverment

FCM's new program, the Diverse Voices for Change initiative, seeks to increase the number of women from diverse communities who are actively informed by, and engaged in, local government decision-making. In collaboration with a select number of participating municipalities and drawing upon an already established network of Regional Champions, FCM will support elected officials to create a more inclusive municipal decision making system, which include the participation of women from diverse communities in advisory committees, local agencies, boards, and commissions.

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About Women in
Local Goverment

Past Programs

About Women in Local Goverment Past Programs
Find out more about the communities participating in DV4C and their projects. 

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The United Nations defines 30 per cent as the minimal percentage of women required for government to reflect women´s concerns.

Women in Canada represent 16 per cent of mayors and 26 per cent of councillors, for an average of 24 per cent. In absolute terms, of 24,113 elected officials, 5,826 are women. Based on current statistics, Canada would need 1,408 more women in elected office today to reach the 30 per cent target. That means increasing the number of women in municipal government by roughly 100 every year for the next 14 years.

FCM wants to help close this gender gap.

Since 2005, FCM's Standing Committee on Increasing Women's Participation in Municipal Government has developed and implemented programs and initiatives to increase women's participation in municipal decision making. Over the last 10+ years, FCM has actively engaged women's knowledge and understanding on how decisions are made in local government structures and processes through Head Start for Young Women, Protégé, and Getting to 30%.

Page Updated: 05/04/2016