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First Nations – Municipal Community Infrastructure Partnership Program

First Nations – Municipal Community Infrastructure Partnership Program

The latest

The CIPP program has now ended, but its numerous resources are still available. Learn more about the participating communities' projects by consulting their case studies.

This award winning program's goal was to help municipalities and First Nations work together to strengthen partnerships and to develop water service agreements. In this section, First Nations and municipalities can access these free resources:

  • Tools on relationship building and service agreements
  • National webinars on various topics
  • Online Toolkit, templates, case studies, and sample agreements

Since its launch in 2010 up until its completion in 2016, CIPP has:

  • Hosted training workshops for over 100 First Nations and neighbouring municipalities;
  • Facilitated historic meetings that resulted in friendship or communication agreements;
  • Supported development of service agreements particularly on water, but also on waste, fire, and transit.

Leadership Awards

Page Updated: 21/04/2017