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Partners for Climate Protection

PCP’s Local Climate Change Heroes: Interviews

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These leaders from across Canada are ready to help you take action on climate change

Climate protection starts with the action you take in your community, and people in Canadian cities and towns of all sizes are working hard to make the necessary changes.

In this series of interviews, we profile some of the people who are driving this positive change that range from an award-winning energy management program, to energy efficiency guidelines for construction, to climate adaptation planning, to waste diversion projects, and more.

Our goal with this series is to make it easier for you to connect with these members of the FCM-ICLEI Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program who have experience realizing successful climate change initiatives in their municipalities.

Get to know these climate change heroes and gain insight from their on-the-ground experience to see how it can help you advance your own projects. Each interview includes the hero's areas of expertise and contact information so you can connect with them directly and exchange ideas.

Stay tuned as we publish new interviews of other PCP members now through 2017.

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Interviews in the series

  • Talking to climate champion Karina Richters

    Talking to climate champion Karina Richters

    Assembling a network of peers and partners helps Karina Richters embed sustainability in Windsor, ON's, growth plans. Read about her approach, then contact her to find out more.
  • Alain Desjardins: Committed to reducing GHG

    Alain Desjardins: Committed to reducing GHG

    He's tackled toxic waste, public transit and waste management, and made Plessisville a leader in GHG reduction. Read his interview and contact Alain to discuss climate change. 
  • Get to know Leon de Vreede

    Get to know Leon de Vreede

    The sustainability planner for the Town of Bridgewater, NS, has turned the small community into a leader in climate protection. Read his profile and contact him to learn more.
  • Meet climate hero Brenda Wallace

    Meet climate hero Brenda Wallace

    Environmental champion Brenda Wallace knows how to get her council and community engaged in climate protection. Find out how in this article and contact her to learn more.
Page Updated: 30/11/2016