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Partners for Climate Protection

About Measures Reporting

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PCP's Measures Reporting initiative has three main objectives:

  • to take stock of municipal government action on climate change;
  • to build capacity so that municipalities are better able to report on their results; and
  • to encourage continued action towards deep reductions in GHG emissions-particularly in smaller communities, where valuable efforts may not be reflected by a community's relative standing within the PCP milestone process.

Each year, ICLEI and FCM circulate a data-collection form within the PCP network, asking member municipalities to submit information on any local government initiative that has had a net reduction on GHG emissions. Participants are asked to include as much information as possible, including the total cost of implementation, annual savings in energy and costs, and the associated GHG reductions. This information is then compiled into a final report and presented to the public.

This exercise provides municipalities with an excellent opportunity to showcase the innovative and creative ways in which they are promoting efficiency and cost savings, while also engaging residents and community members, and fostering local economic development — and of course improving the local environment.

Important Considerations

  • The National Measures reports build upon previous reporting initiatives by continuing to share the results — both quantitative and qualitative — of municipal government efforts to reduce GHG emissions.
  • The reports are not a comprehensive review of all municipal government initiatives aimed at reducing GHG emissions.
  • The reports are a product of voluntary submissions.
  • Local governments invest time and resources in collecting the information and completing the forms.
  • Many participants submit information on a select number of measures within their municipalities.
  • Some PCP members do not have the resources to participate in the data-collection process.
Page Updated: 21/12/2015