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Partners for Climate Protection

Milestone Framework

PCP is based on the CCP Campaign of a five milestone framework used to guide municipalities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The five milestone process is a performance-based model which remains flexible; milestones do not need to be completed in sequential order. Each milestone provides an opportunity for municipal capacity building.

The five milestones are: 

Milestone 1 Icon

Milestone 1
Creating a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast

Milestone 2 Icon

Milestone 2
Setting an emissions reductions target

Milestone 3 Icon

Milestone 3
Developing a local action plan

Milestone 4 Icon

Milestone 4
Implementing the local action plan or a set of activities

Milestone 5 Icon

Milestone 5
Monitoring progress and reporting results

Milestones can be implemented either in numeric order or in the order that is most appropriate for your community. While many municipal governments start by completing a greenhouse gas inventory, others have moved immediately to actions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

See the Five-Milestone Framework for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions for an overview of the PCP five-milestone framework and a list of resources available to help you achieve each milestone

Milestone Completion and Submission Requirements

Once your municipality has completed a milestone and the work has been endorsed by your municipal council, contact FCM.

Members are encouraged to submit their GHG emissions inventory, local action plan, and implementation reports in draft form so that FCM can review them and provide feedback.

All submissions undergo a technical review to ensure consistency with program protocols before PCP recognizes completion of the milestone. 

The Submission Requirements for Milestone Recognition checklist outlines the information required from PCP members seeking recognition of their achievement of PCP milestones. This checklist serves as a guide to ensure that your submission is complete and your milestone review is seamless and completed quickly. You do not need to submit this checklist with your materials. 

To report your milestone progress or ask questions about the milestone process, contact:

PCP Secretariat
T. 613-907-6392

Emissions Reduction Measures

FCM and ICLEI are proud to announce the PCP’s new Reporting Initiative. Local governments are leading the way in action on climate change and its time for us to demonstrate how effective that action has been. PCP members have been making great strides toward greenhouse gas emission reductions both in their municipal operations and within their communities-at-large. By analyzing the impact of your efforts and reporting your progress to the PCP Secretariat, you can build support for your work at the local level and help the PCP to demonstrate the cumulative impact of the program at a national level. 

If your municipality is in the implementation phase of its climate planning (Milestone 4) and has not reported its progress to the PCP Secretariat, please contact our technical support staff. Staff will help you to consider the impact of your abatement activities and quantify the greenhouse gas emission reductions. 

For assistance with measures reporting or technical support contact: 

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
T. 647-728-4389

Page Updated: 04/08/2016