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Partners for Climate Protection

Get Started

A council resolution is all it takes to enrol your municipality as a member of PCP.

  • Step one: Contact us for your PCP orientation package.
  • Step two: Download the sample resolution to join PCP or contact PCP secretariat.
  • Step three: Appoint a staff and elected official liaisons to be the main contacts with the PCP secretariat.
  • Step four: Email a scanned copy or mail your adopted Council resolution, along with the staff liaison's contact information, to PCP secretariat.
  • Step five: PCP secretariat will mail you an information package along with a list of resources and the PCP Milestone Framework.
  • Step six: Consider applying to FCM's Green Municipal Fund for financial support to complete the milestones.

PCP requests that members identify both a staff and elected official as contacts so that momentum for activities can be maintained at both the operational and political levels. In many cases communities have also chosen to establish an internal or community task force to lead the PCP process.

Page Updated: 17/09/2015