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Jack Layton Fellowship

Jack Layton Fellowship

FCM's Jack Layton Fellowship Program honours and celebrates Jack Layton's legacy by engaging young Canadians in politics.

Welcome to our 2016 Jack Layton Fellows

Jack Layton Fellowship 2016

Each year the program provides an opportunity for community-minded leaders to turn their good ideas into real action and real change. 

The issues local governments address each day are important to all Canadians, yet young Canadians are becoming more disengaged with politics at all levels of government.

Reaching out to these young people and finding ways to engage them in contributing to the cities and communities we all want is critical.

FCM's 2015 Jack Layton Fellows (JLFs) considered ways to engage Canadian youth in the political processes of their cities and communities.

This call to action encourages young Canadians to make a difference in their communities and highlights issues that matter to youth this.

Through 21st century technology, the JLFs engaged 200 young Canadians in a dialogue with local and national experts.

This 10-day virtual collaboration considered two key questions:

  • What municipal issues are most important to Canadian youth?
  • How can Canadian youth work with their municipalities to take action on these issues?

Our Communities: A Youth Agenda for Change tells the story of that collaboration and the issues and solutions it identified.

Tweet Chat: How can young Canadians make their mark in the upcoming federal election by advocating locally on the issues that they care about?

This key question was posed to youth in an online discussion hosted by this year's JLFs.

Over 340 participants joined our Tweet Chat, potentially reaching six million Canadians. Missed it?

You can read the top ideas on engaging youth made in the English and French online conversation.

The Municipal Youth Engagement Handbook, developed by the 2014 FCM Jack Layton Fellows with input from local governments across Canada, was created to encourage youth participation in their communities.

This Handbook outlines strategies and tools that elected municipal officials and public administrators alike can use to engage and recruit young Canadians as future municipal leaders and workers.

Page Updated: 08/09/2016