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Partnerships for Municipal Innovation

Partnerships for Municipal Innovation

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Recruiting now for partnerships in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Partnerships for Municipal Innovation: Local Economic Development is looking for municipal economic development teams to work with local governments in Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nicaragua and Bolivia. Selected Canadian municipalities will have expertise in one or more of the main programming areas (enabling environment, inclusive local economic development, and the promotion of trade and regional economic development), and will demonstrate strategies for community engagement in Canada, as well as municipal partnership sustainability.

Please apply before January 24th. For more information on this opportunity, or to be added to our international programs email distribution list, please contact Carilynn Siemens


Creating economic prosperity and reducing poverty in 7 countries

Urban areas have become magnets for investment as they provide the products, services and markets that fuel trade, drive economic growth and create employment.  By 2030, it is estimated that two-thirds of the world's population will be living in cities. 

This rapid growth of urban areas, which is mainly occurring in developing countries, has far exceeded the pace of investment in human capital and physical infrastructure of municipalities.  The consequences can be seen in the number of poor and marginalized people that do not have access to basic municipal services, such as water and sanitation; the high levels of unemployment, particularly amongst women and youth; and the lack of resilience that urban areas have to natural or man-made disasters. 

FCM developed strong working relationships with partners through the previous partnership program (MPED), and will build on this progress in implementing LED initiatives through PMI-LED. 


  • Creating an enabling environment to strengthen the capacity of local governments to plan a community-led economic vision, to offer effective economic development projects and services to their community and to influence and adopt LED policies and practices that promote inclusive and sustainable economic development;
  • Adopting inclusive local economic development practices by facilitating greater access for women and youth to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities;
  • Promoting trade and regional economic development opportunities at the local level, such as business attraction and retention/expansion, investment and trade and strengthening support for the development of micro and SMEs.

PMI-LED will also create a platform for local governments and their regional and global networks to better engage with strategic partners, and increase the engagement of Canadians in international municipal cooperation.

Who's involved

PMI-LED is a five-year, $19.3 million partnership program working to strengthen sustainable local economic development seven countries. It is undertaken with the financial support of Global Affairs Canada, implemented by FCM, with an in-kind commitment by Canadian municipalities of $5.1 million. 


Page Updated: 19/01/2017