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Current opportunities

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    Volunteers are at the heart of our local government development initiatives. We offer municipalities, municipal associations, elected officials and municipal staff opportunities to get involved in projects in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Why you should get involved

    Volunteering with FCM can help your municipality:

    • Improve services by learning new methods and best practices from municipal experts from across the globe
    • Enhance skills by increasing the capacity of your team to work in difficult circumstances while strengthening intercultural communication and project management skills
    • Build your reputation and put your community on the map by contributing to the development of effective, sustainable services in other countries
    • Find new trade linkages by discovering new opportunities for your city's businesses and institutions at the global level
    • Foster community engagement and pride by developing new friendships, strengthening civic engagement and increasing cultural understanding 

    How to get involved

    There are three ways to participate in our international work:

    • As a municipality - One lead coordinator and up to four municipal practitioners participate in the design and management of a project overseas
    • As an individual - Individual skills and expertise are matched with specific partner needs
    • As a host for study tours - Municipalities share best practices by hosting delegations from overseas

    Who we are looking for

    We often need municipal practitioners in the following areas of expertise:

    • Communications
    • Economic development
    • Geomatics and engineering
    • Governance and legal affairs
    • Intergovernmental relations
    • Municipal administration
    • Permits and licensing
    • Project and contract management
    • Taxation and municipal finance
    • Urban planning
    • Waste management
    • Gender equality

    How much it costs to get involved

    We cover travel, accommodation, meals and other project-related cost through funding provided by Global Affairs Canada. Municipalities are asked only to donate the time of their experts through salary contribution while they are on a mission. (Assignments typically involve two or three technical missions each year.)

    Page Updated: 25/05/2016