Green Municipal Fund

Feasibility studies and pilot projects

FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF) finances feasibility studies and pilot projects to support sustainable community development. 

A feasibility study assesses the technical and financial feasibility, as well as the environmental, social, and economic impacts of a potential municipal environmental project. A municipal environmental project responds to a municipal need and contributes to cleaner air, water, or soil, or reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Typically, a feasibility study examines the requirements and outcomes of a specific project using verifiable evaluation processes, leading to a recommended course of action. Feasibility studies are important prerequisites for all GMF pilot project and capital project applications.

A pilot project (formerly called a field test) allows for an evaluation of a new technology or solution under its expected operating conditions. It assesses technical and financial feasibility using a verifiable monitoring and evaluation process, and it examines the environmental, social and economic performance of a potential full-scale implementation. Typically, a pilot project minimizes capital costs and is geared for permanent installation should the pilot succeed. 

We offer grants, which cover up to 50 per cent of eligible costs, to a maximum of $175,000 for feasibility studies and to a maximum of $350,000 for pilot projects.

GMF is a self-sustaining endowment fund. These annual funding limits help us to prudently manage the funding available for green projects.

Eligible initiatives

Your feasibility study or pilot project must align with our eligibility criteria for capital projects in one of the following sectors:

Baseline data collection is not eligible as a stand-alone initiative (e.g. energy audits, waste audits). For more information, see Eligibility.

GMF funding is available to all municipal governments and their partners.

Apply for funding

Application forms and resources are now available.

If your application is approved, costs become eligible for partial reimbursement on the date we receive your application. However, costs you incurred to complete the application form (consultant costs) up to 90 days before you submitted your application are also eligible for partial reimbursement.


We're here to help! See our FAQs, or contact a GMF Advisor at 613-907-6208.

Page Updated: 03/02/2017