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Green Municipal Fund

Waste Funding

To best manage the funding available to support the strongest initiatives, we have adopted a competitive funding approval process for capital projects in the energy, transportation, waste and water sectors. There are no changes to the eligibility criteria or funding limits for these projects.

All applicants need to use the GMF Application Form to apply for funding.

We strongly encourage applicants to complete an Eligibility Questionnaire to assess their eligibility for funding, along with a new Project Scorecard to assess the potential score of their application.

To be eligible for funding, your project must demonstrate the potential to divert at least 50% of municipal solid waste from landfill. If your municipality has already achieved a total diversion rate of at least 50%, your project must demonstrate the potential to result in an incremental improvement above 50%.


  • reuse programs or centres
  • recycling programs or centres
  • composting and other biological programs or centres
  • thermal treatment processes (your municipality must already have achieved a waste diversion rate of at least 50% prior to undertaking the thermal treatment project)

Excluded projects:

  • projects related to landfill management activities, including landfill construction and expansions, landfill reclamation and landfill gas capture (see energy sector)
  • projects related solely to the construction of transfer stations


See our FAQs, or contact us at 613-907-6208 or 1-877-997-9926.

Page Updated: 24/02/2015