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Green Municipal Fund

Waste Sector Funding

To best manage the funding available to support the strongest initiatives, we follow a competitive funding approval process for capital projects in the energy, transportation, waste and water sectors. Applicants under these sectors must undergo an Initial Review to assess eligibility before they may submit a complete application.

The Initial Review form and updated applicant resources are now available. Find out more about the new eligibility criteria and prerequisites to apply for funding under the new offer. For more information on applying, please contact us.

While we will continue to accept applications year-round, funding approvals for capital project applications in the energy, transportation, waste and water sectors will be made twice a year, with the first review period in February 2016, followed by another in September 2016.

Waste diversion projects

For most municipalities, projects must demonstrate the potential to divert at least 60 per cent of municipal solid waste from landfill to be eligible for funding. If your municipality has already achieved a total diversion rate of at least 60 per cent, your project must demonstrate the potential to result in an incremental improvement above 60 per cent. Institutional and commercial waste may be included if your municipality is responsible for managing this waste.

Projects involving thermal treatment will only be eligible for funding if your municipality has already achieved a total diversion rate of at least 60 per cent through successfully implementing reduction, reuse, recycling or biological processes.

For remote communities, an eligible project must target an incremental diversion rate of 15 per cent over the current baseline. Minimum diversion rates do not apply for thermal treatment projects.


  • reuse programs or centres
  • recycling programs or centres
  • composting and other biological programs or centres
  • thermal treatment processes (your municipality must first have achieved a waste diversion rate of at least 60 per cent) 

Excluded projects:

  • projects related to landfill management, including construction and expansion, reclamation and gas capture (see energy sector)
  • projects related solely to constructing transfer stations

Waste stream solutions

Certain elements of a municipal waste stream, such as biosolids, diapers, polystyrene, certain plastics and other substances, have a lasting impact on the environment. For this reason, projects that address specific waste stream challenges, and affect multiple municipalities, are also eligible for funding. Your project must address a particular area, improve the municipal diversion rate (by weight or volume) and offer other environmental benefits. 


  • a facility to treat polystyrene or other plastics that are difficult to divert from landfill


See our FAQs, or contact us at 613-907-6208 or 1-877-997-9926.

Page Updated: 08/02/2017