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Green Municipal Fund

Leadership in Brownfield Renewal Program

Revitalize Your Brownfields

The Leadership in Brownfield Renewal (LiBRe) program is a network of Canadian municipalities that are committed to bringing brownfield sites back into productive use. Offered through FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF), the program aims to help municipal practitioners develop knowledge and skills to facilitate brownfield redevelopment. By joining LiBRe, participants will connect with their peers to better understand, navigate and reduce barriers to brownfield redevelopment.

How the program works

LiBRe members engage in online learning activities with their peers and other brownfield experts, and participate in annual face-to-face workshops. They share materials developed through a guided, collaborative learning process and report their progress to GMF. Knowledge is shared within the LiBRe network and among other municipalities (via the GMF website). Find out more in the LiBRe program overview brochure.

Join LiBRe and connect with your peers

LiBRe is designed for municipalities at various stages of pursuing brownfield redevelopment: from those ready to start taking action, to those with experience in revitalizing underused sites.

Membership is open to any municipality, large or small, that has pledged to: support community brownfield redevelopment; make progress through the LiBRe best practices framework, and report on progress annually.

Fill out a membership form and submit as soon as possible to enroll for activities starting in September 2015. There are no membership fees; however, applicants must agree to:

  • Submit a letter from their supervisor confirming their commitment to join the program
  • Participate in up to five online learning activities and one face-to-face workshop per year
  • Provide feedback to FCM on learning activities and materials, as required
  • Work toward completing program deliverables and report on progress annually

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Page Updated: 17/10/2016