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Green Municipal Fund

Leadership in Asset Management Program

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Congratulations to the first 12 municipalities selected for FCM's asset management program!

Through the Green Municipal Fund, FCM is proud to announce funding for the 12 participants selected for the English cohort of the Leadership in Asset Management Program (LAMP). Through the program, these 12 municipalities will receive a combined total of $1,028,835 in grants to support their pioneering efforts in asset management and sustainability. Learn more:

Integrate your sustainability goals with stronger asset management

LAMP is a unique program that enables municipalities to better integrate sustainability goals into decision-making about infrastructure assets and services, such as roads, drinking water and sanitation. The goal is to ensure municipalities provide the best environmental, economic and social value for communities over the long term. 

Municipalities can access up to $175,000 in grant funding for these priority areas:

  • Asset management policy, strategy and governance
  • Levels of service
  • Risk assessment
  • Lifecycle management

The program includes two cohorts, English and Francophone, to offer participants the opportunity to work with peers in the language of their choice. 

Read the program overview and eligibility requirements.

Access grant funding and learn from your peers

Participating municipalities will have access to:

  • A GMF grant of up to $175,000 to support eligible asset management initiatives;
  • A network of peers in municipalities across Canada working on asset management initiatives;
  • A national network of professionals and asset management resources through our partnership with the Canadian Network of Asset Managers.

Who can apply

  • Municipal governments, including regional districts, of all sizes.
  • Applicants must be able to commit a minimum of three staff members for a project team to be considered.
  • The program is designed for municipalities at very early stage or advanced in asset management. 
  • No formal asset management plan is required, but applicants must have demonstrated progress in implementing a corporate sustainability plan.

LAMP members enjoy free membership with the Canadian Network of Asset Managers

Canadian Network of Asset ManagersAs a member of LAMP, municipalities receive a free membership with the Canadian Network of Asset Managers. Connect with a national network of asset management professionals and resources and enjoy registration fee discounts at CNAM's annual conference. Learn more about CNAM and membership benefits

Benefits of asset management for Canadian municipalities

An asset management policy:

  • Lays out the high-level principles and practices that a municipality will follow to realize its goals.
  • Reinforces the need for prudent financial management and economic outcomes.
  • Formalizes the commitment toward sustainable levels of service and environmental outcomes in infrastructure-related plans and decisions.
  • Introduces accountability for investment decisions that improves public confidence in planning and decision-making.

Learn more about asset management.

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Page Updated: 25/11/2016