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Green Municipal Fund

Examples of GMF-funded projects

Consult our GMF approved projects database! It includes case studies of inspiring municipal environmental initiatives in Quebec and other provinces.

The Green Municipal Fund has supported many innovative projects in Quebec. Here are a few examples.

Montréal Centre for Sustainable Development

Project type: Study
Project number: GMF 5643
GMF grant: $250,000

Équiterre partnered with the City of Montréal to design and build a 70,000-square-foot, six-level green building to serve as a community hub for research, education and meetings on sustainability. The Centre for Sustainable Development is located in downtown Montréal's entertainment district.  

Implementing technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the City of Laval

Project type: Plan
Project number: GMF 9308
GMF grant: $46,930

As a member of the Partners for Climate Protection program, the City of Laval has achieved milestone 3 by preparing a local action plan (in language of origin) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Contaminated site rehabilitation at the old Ivaco plant for a development project

Project type: Capital project – Brownfields
Project number: GMF 10177
GMF loan: $903,399

The City of Trois-Rivières (in language of origin) decontaminated and redeveloped the 3.10-hectare site of the former Ivaco plant on the Saint-Maurice River to create the northern entrance to the Trois-Rivières-sur-Saint-Laurent urban development project. This pivotal initiative also received funding from ClimatSol, and was featured in a GMF webinar about brownfield redevelopment in Quebec.

Page Updated: 13/02/2015