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Green Municipal Fund

Information for Quebec Municipalities

GMF funding projects in Quebec

Sustainability is a primary concern for Quebec communities. The Green Municipal Fund (GMF) can help municipalities, RCMs and their partners achieve their sustainability objectives.

This is your one-stop shop on GMF funding and the application process for Quebec municipalities. It functions as a tool box — complete with examples of innovative Quebec projects, as well as links to Quebec resources and websites related to sustainability issues in the province.

GMF for Quebec municipalities

Since its inception in 2000, GMF has supported 197 innovative sustainability projects in Quebec municipalities. Through GMF grants, below-market loans and knowledge resources, these initiatives improve air, water and soil quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. GMF shares knowledge and lessons learned to benefit all communities.

FCM has renewed its GMF program offerings to remain responsive to the evolving needs of municipalities and their partners while continuing to manage the high demand for available funding. Find out more about the new eligibility criteria and prerequisites to apply for funding under the new offer. For more information on applying, please contact us.

GMF funding


Plans, studies and pilot projects

Up to $175,000 for plans and feasibility studies and up to $350,000 for pilot projects

(maximum 50% of eligible costs)

Capital project loans

Bring contaminated sites back into productive use through remediation, rehabilitation or redevelopment

Up to 80% of eligible costs
(no loan limit*)


GMF financing can be combined with the Ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs' (MDDEP) ClimatSol funding program.

Capital project loans and grants

Reduce energy consumption


Reduce fleet fuel consumption


Divert waste from landfill


Protect watersheds

Loans for up to 80% of eligible costs to a maximum of $5 million, combined with a grant for 15% the loan amount


Applicants with high-ranking projects may be eligible for a loan of up to $10 million combined with a grant for 15% the loan amount

*FCM reserves the right to adjust the maximum loan limit per project

Featured resources

  • Examples of GMF-funded projects

    Examples of GMF-funded projects

    Consult our GMF approved projects database! It includes case studies of inspiring municipal environmental initiatives in Quebec and other provinces.
Page Updated: 12/02/2016