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Green Municipal Fund

About GMF

GMF is a unique program that provides funding and knowledge services to support sustainable community development. GMF-supported initiatives aim to improve air, water, and soil, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

We support the very best examples of leadership and innovation by championing initiatives that can generate new lessons and models for municipalities of all sizes and types in all regions of Canada. These initiatives offer significant environmental benefits, a strong business case and social advantages, complemented by local policies and measurement systems.

Through GMF, FCM funds three types of municipal environmental initiatives in five sectors of municipal activity. We share the lessons and expertise gained through these initiatives through a suite of skills enhancement, training and knowledge sharing activities to encourage other communities to replicate their success. GMF is governed by a 15-member GMF Council. Meet our Council members.

FCM  launched a renewed GMF funding offer on April 1, 2015. This  offer is designed to manage the high demand for GMF funding, the high quality of applications we receive, and the limited funding available each year. Features of the new offer include:

  • An updated competitive selection process for capital projects in the energy, transportation, waste and water sectors
  • Updated eligibility criteria and funding limits for all funding streams
  • An updated application process, as well as new application forms and support tools for applicants

Application forms and resources are now available. Contact us for more information.

The Government of Canada endowed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) with $550 million to establish the Green Municipal FundTM. The Fund supports partnerships and leveraging of both public and private-sector funding to reach higher standards of air, water and soil quality, and climate protection.
Page Updated: 16/02/2016