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Green Municipal Fund

Green Municipal Fund


FCM's Green Municipal Fund continues to respond to evolving municipal sustainability needs and priorities.

We're building on success — ours and yours. The unique GMF program model continues to offer integrated funding and knowledge services; along with added benefits such as broader capital project eligibility, enhanced client service and improved application forms and resources, and more opportunities for communities to work together through peer networks.

Helping local sustainability leaders move from vision to reality. Whether you are at the planning stage, undertaking a feasibility study or pilot project, or getting ready to implement a capital project, we're with you every step of the way!  

Through GMF, FCM supports initiatives that demonstrate an innovative solution or approach to a municipal environmental issue, and that can generate new lessons and models for municipalities of all sizes and types in all regions of Canada. These initiatives offer significant environmental benefits, a strong businesses case and social advantages, and are complemented by local policies and measurement systems.

Program highlights

  • LiBRe program wins a 2016 Brownie Award

    LiBRe program wins a 2016 Brownie Award

    We're proud winners of a Brownie Award for our Leadership in Brownfield Renewal program. Learn more and see the many members of the program who were nominated for awards. 
  • Contact a GMF advisor and apply by March 1: GMF capital projects

    Contact a GMF advisor and apply by March 1: GMF capital projects

    Consult one of our advisors for help with your funding application for energy, transportation, water and waste capital projects. The next deadline is March 1, 2017. 
  • Case studies: Wastewater

    Case studies: Wastewater

    Read the case studies of GMF-funded initiatives and learn tips and best practices you can apply to your own wastewater treatment plant projects and upgrades.
  • Meet PCP’s Local Climate Change Heroes

    Meet PCP’s Local Climate Change Heroes

    Get to know the local heroes from municipalities across Canada taking action on change. Read their interviews and contact them to share knowledge and experience.
  • Six sustainability best practices

    Six sustainability best practices

    Looking for some inspiration? Read about six municipal sustainability ideas that were once considered radical, but today are mainstream practices in Canadian communities.
Page Updated: 01/12/2016