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First Nations – Municipal Community Infrastructure Partnership Program

Program Resources

CIPP helps communities move forward with infrastructure agreements by offering:

  • A toolkit—with case studies and templates—to help draft service agreements
  • Workshops to bring communities together to build partnerships and develop service agreements
  • A listing of over 1,300 service agreements from provincial ministries, Tribal Councils, AANDC regional offices, provincial-territorial organizations, municipal and First Nation survey results, and community interviews
  • Copies of actual service agreements that you can download

Explore this site and dig into all the CIPP resources—they're for you to use.

  • Case Studies

    Case Studies

    These case studies provide First Nations and municipalities with realistic and relatable situations that can provide guidance and new and innovative approaches to collaboration on services.
  • Service Agreements

    Service Agreements

    Find out how more and more Canadian municipalities and First Nations are implementing joint service agreements to meet their common infrastructure needs in our ever-growing Service Agreement collection.
  • Workshops


    Our community workshops bring First Nations and municipalities together. We create new partnerships, strengthen existing relationships, and build capacity to develop service agreements on water, wastewater, solid waste, fire, animal control, just to name a few. 
  • Toolkit


    The CIPP Toolkit provides information on building and maintaining effective relationships, and also has information on how agreements can be developed between First Nation and municipal governments. Now available: The second edition of the CIPP Toolkit.
Page Updated: 17/06/2013