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First Nations – Municipal Community Infrastructure Partnership Program

First Nations – Municipal Community Infrastructure Partnership Program

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Following a strong show of interest from applicants across the country, six pairs of municipalities and adjacent First Nation communities have been chosen to develop joint water service agreements with the direct assistance of FCM's Community Infrastructure Partnership Program (CIPP). Read about the selected pairings and the next steps in the process.

The First Nations-Municipal Community Infrastructure Partnership Program (CIPP) is:

  • Effective: Municipalities and First Nations work together on common infrastructure needs
  • Local: Resources are built from on-the-ground realities and program users are central to the toolkit and workshop design
  • Collaborative: The program finds common ground, builds trust and relationships
  • Innovative: CIPP pushes the limits of traditional infrastructure programming, gathering a listing of over 1,300 service agreements from sources across Canada
  • Unique: The only program of its kind in Canada

The award-winning program is a catalyst to empower First Nations and municipalities to work together to reduce costs and improve services. It looks at regional services beyond one jurisdiction or government.

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Page Updated: 28/01/2015