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Statement by FCM President following speech by Liberal Leader Bob Rae at today's FCM luncheon (20/11/2012)

OTTAWA, ON - The following statement was released today by FCM president Karen Leibovici following Liberal Leader Bob Rae's speech during FCM's Advocacy Days luncheon in Ottawa:

"Today Mr. Rae spoke to municipal leaders from across Canada about the importance of all governments working together to protect core investments in our communities and to plan for the future.

FCM applauds Mr. Rae's proposal to double the permanent Gas Tax Transfer to municipalities, which will boost federal-municipal infrastructure investments by more than $2 billion a year. Mr. Rae clearly understands the need of communities from coast to coast to coast to plan long-term investments in roads, bridges, public transit and water systems.

We support Mr. Rae's call for the new federal long-term infrastructure plan to fight traffic gridlock with investments in public transit. On average, Canadian commuters spend 32 days a year travelling to and from work. We can and must do better.

We agree that in a spirit of collaboration, all orders of government must come together to set national priorities and share the costs of protecting our economy, communities and taxpayers in the years ahead. By expanding this collaborative approach and making it a permanent way of doing business, Canada can achieve other important national objectives as well, including supporting front-line policing and community safety and fixing holes in Canada's housing system.

Last week, FCM released its recommendations for a 20-year federal plan with predictable funding to fix Canada's crumbling infrastructure. For more information, visit". 


Page Updated: 20/11/2012