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News Releases

  • Mayors of Canada’s biggest cities gather in Toronto for Big Cities Summit (30/01/2015)

    Nineteen mayors of this country's biggest cities will come together February 5 in Toronto to hammer out solutions to Canada's economic challenges. With a federal election on the horizon, the Big Cities Summit places cities at the centre of the national discussion about Canada's future.
  • The Maison des collectivités territoriales opens in Haiti (10/12/2014)

    By bringing the country's three largest federations of elected officials together under one roof, the Maison is poised to become a hub for both tackling the issues affecting Haiti's municipalities and supporting the efforts being made to coordinate and decentralize these municipalities.  
  • Municipal and Federal Elected Officials Conclude Week of Meetings in Ottawa (21/11/2014)

    The Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Board of Directors wrapped up its annual Advocacy Days meetings in Ottawa on November 21. One hundred municipal leaders met with 145 parliamentarians during a three-day period to discuss solutions to national issues playing out in our hometowns.
  • Canadians are #HOMETOWNPROUD (18/11/2014)

    Today the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) launched a campaign asking Canadians to showcase their hometown pride. FCM believes that the next federal election must focus on strengthening Canada through developing our cities and communities. The Hometown Proud Campaign is the start of a conversation about how we build the Canada of tomorrow. 
  • Over 100 Canadian Mayors and Municipal Leaders Meet in Ottawa: Local Governments Offer Solutions to National Issues (17/11/2014)

    "We have one message for our federal counterparts this week, a strong Canada starts with strong hometowns. Our cities and communities are the engines that drive our country forward, creating local jobs and local growth and fostering our quality of life."
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