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In the News

  • Federal budget should include $1 billion for public transit: Editorial (05/04/2015) - Toronto Star

    Toronto Star editorial endorses FCM's call for federal budget to include $1 billion per year for public transit.
  • Economy a higher priority than terrorism for Canadian voters: poll (31/03/2015) - Globe and Mail

    A Nanos survey conducted for The Globe and Mail found 90 per cent of respondents said the party or leader with the best plan for the Canadian economy will be more important in determining who wins than the party with the best plan to fight terrorists. Only 4 per cent said fighting terrorism is more important than the economy.
  • Editorial: Ottawa – step up to fund public transit (30/03/2015) - Brampton Guardian

    FCM's message is clear: the movement of goods and people is critical to our economic well-being, and let's get the building of modern transit systems out of the planning stage and into the build one.
  • Canadian cities lobby Ottawa for increase in public transit funding (30/03/2015) - Globe and Mail

    Canada's municipalities are calling for the federal budget to include at least $1-billion a year in new cash for public transit, insisting the projects will boost economic growth and reduce commute times.
  • Take pride in your hometown (10/12/2014) - Winnipeg Free Press

    It is important that we speak up about what we value if we want our leaders to know what our community needs in order to thrive.
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