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In the News

  • Canada’s Success Depends on Municipal Infrastructure Investments (16/03/2014) - The Epoch Times

    David Suzuki says "Although many Canadian cities are booming, their ability to survive and thrive in today's hyper-connected, globalized economy depends on being competitive enough to attract investment and acquire and retain skilled workers from around the globe."
  • 'We still have a long way to go'; Mayor, councillor speak about importance of women in society (13/03/2014) - Ottawa Community News

    A councillor's women's day breakfast brought to light the triumphs and tribulations the female population continues to experience around the world.
  • The winter that ruined everything (13/03/2014) - Maclean's

    Increasing bouts of severe weather, triggered by climate change or not, can inflict massive costs; and those costs are amplified by the state of the infrastructure that takes the pounding. 
  • How Ottawa’s surpluses count on cuts to social housing (04/03/2014) - The Globe & Mail

    50-year old buildings still make up about a third of all social housing in Canada. Many of the older buildings need to be replaced, placing that period of Canadian history into the discussion of how Ottawa should spend future surpluses.
  • La Ville tend la main aux futures politiciennes  (In language of origin) (26/02/2014) - La Revue

    La conseillère Sylvie Goneau cherche à comprendrece qui empêche les jeunes femmes dese lancer en politique. Ces barrières serontmises en lumière grâce au projet PolitiquEllelancé dans le cadre du projet Un bon départpour les jeunes femmes de la Fédération canadiennedes municipalités (FCM).
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