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Transit and Transportation

The Latest

Federal budget 2015 makes significant new investment in public transit.  Read FCM's News Release following the budget.

Strong hometowns, strong economy, great radio!

Listen to FCM vice-president Raymond Louie talk to Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC Radio's The Current about our 2015 Budget Submission.

It is no coincidence that some of the most dynamic places in the world - those that provide a high quality of life and drive national economies also have some of the world's best public transit systems and transportation networks.

Lengthy daily commutes - among the longest in the developed world - are hurting our economy, environment and quality of life. The average commuter in Canada spends the equivalent of 32 working days a year travelling to and from work. Traffic congestion is estimated to cost the Toronto region alone up to $11 billion worth of lost productivity a year. In addition, many rural, remote, and northern communities lack the bridges, highways and airports to stay reliably connected to urban markets and to sustain local economies and the quality of life.

Our Position

  • Reduce traffic congestion.
  • Improve local mobility.
  • Support sustainable growth through committing to the development of a long-term, predictable and dedicated fund for municipal transit projects.

Read FCM's full position in Strengthening Canada through our Hometowns


Page Updated: 23/07/2015