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Transit and Transportation

Canada needs fast, efficient transportation networks that connect suppliers to customers, workers to jobs, and importers/exporters to global markets. Over time, however, our country has allowed traffic gridlock to spiral out of control, public transit systems to grow old and crowded, and gaps to form in national transportation networks. We must turn this situation around.

Lengthy daily commutes - among the longest in the developed world - are hurting our economy, environment and quality of life. The most recent estimate in 2006 pegged the cost of traffic delays at more than $5 billion a year, but there is growing evidence that today's cost is much higher. In addition, many rural, remote, and northern communities lack the bridges, highways and airports to stay reliably connected to urban markets and to sustain local economies and the quality of life.

Canadian municipalities do not have the revenue tools required to build modern transit systems while providing other essential local services, including many downloaded by other governments.

Our Position

Federal, provincial and territorial governments must reinvest more of the tax dollars they collect from our communities in transportation and transit. FCM is calling on the federal government to take specific action:

  • Commit to setting concrete targets to cap rising commute times
  • Reinvest more of the tax dollars communities send to the federal government in new buses, roads, airports and rail
  • Working with municipalities, provinces and territories to fill critical gaps in transportation networks

How We Do Our Work

With the support of FCM staff, our standing committee is dedicating time and attention to ensure progress is made in this area. 

Page Updated: 20/02/2015