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Policing and Public Safety

About the Issue

Over the past 30 years, policing duties have been shifted onto municipalities from other orders of government. Municipalities pay more than 60% of Canada's policing costs, including $600 million worth of downloaded federal policing around border security, international drug trafficking and cyber crime.

Policing and public safety is the fastest-growing cost for municipalities - surpassing even health care - and now exceeds 20 per cent of spending. Without a new approach, these costs will push property taxpayers to the breaking point and crowd out other essential services.

Our Position

Canada's policing system is badly in need of repair. In partnership with provinces, territories and municipalities, the federal government must reform the national policing system to establish a fairer distribution of responsibilities and resources. It must also:

  • Commit to a plan that makes the most of every dollar governments invest fighting crime
  • Support programs that attack the causes of crime and deter troubled youths from becoming career criminals
  • Guarantee new RCMP contracts will not download additional costs on to municipal property taxpayers
Page Updated: 02/09/2015