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Municipalities are frontline stewards of the environment, protecting green space, treating wastewater, and managing solid waste. We act locally to protect natural assets and enhance community quality of life.

There are federal policy areas that impact local governments' ability to deliver the best environmental results for their citizens. Where this is the case, FCM becomes the voice for raising those concerns. Every year, FCM's Board of Directors selects three advocacy priorities, with the advice of its Standing Committee on Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development. 

This year's priorities are:

  • climate change adaptation
  • energy-efficiencyand greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions
  • federal wastewater regulations


  • Federal Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations

    Federal Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations

    This regulation will benefit all Canadians and the environment and requires continued inter-governmental partnership, and investments by all orders of government, to make its successful implementation a reality.
  • Climate Change Adaptation

    Climate Change Adaptation

    Canada is vulnerable to a range of effects associated with climate change, including rising temperatures; more frequent, intense storms; and rising sea levels. Although municipalities have focused their climate-change efforts on mitigation, it is not too soon to begin assessing their vulnerability to changes that have already been set in motion, and to develop responses that protect their citizens, environments and economies.
  • PCP


    The Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program is a network of Canadian municipal governments that have committed to reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) and to acting on climate change. Since the program's inception in 1994, over 250 municipalities have joined PCP, making a public commitment to reduce emissions. PCP membership covers all provinces and territories and accounts for more than 65 per cent of the Canadian population. 
Page Updated: 02/09/2015