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Adapting to Severe Weather and a Changing Climate

Closed road

Municipalities in Canada and across the world are experiencing more storms, droughts, floods, and other unusual weather activity. Both short-term severe weather and long-term climate changes pose considerable risks to infrastructure and damage linked to our changing climate is becoming more frequent.  

To support local governments in adapting their infrastructure plans and strengthening asset management, FCM and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) have developed a convenient e-learning course to help municipal staff and service providers learn about adapting critical infrastructure to severe weather and a changing climate.

Why take this course?

Municipalities must understand the resources available to help them prepare for a changing climate. This online course offers tools and techniques to:

  • Assess a community's vulnerability to a changing climate
  • Evaluate the specific risks that infrastructure is likely to face
  • Plan an effective response

Build your expertise around some of the biggest challenges your community will face in the years to come. Study at your own pace — anytime, anywhere — using this affordable online resource.

What will I learn?

After participating in the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the basic science and principles of climate change
  • Identify and assess potential impacts of a changing climate in your municipality
  • Apply available resources and practical adaptation case studies to specific climate-related hazards like flooding, sea level rise, drought, windstorms, and permafrost warming and thawing.

Who should take the course?

  • Municipal staff responsible for risk management, emergency preparedness, planning, infrastructure, sustainability, or overall management and administration
  • Private consultants or project managers involved with municipal infrastructure or planning
  • Asset or infrastructure managers responsible for part of the municipal infrastructure portfolio, like buildings, transit, roads, water, or wastewater
  • Provincial officials responsible for infrastructure development, municipal preparedness, or climate adaptation
  • Post-secondary students or instructors in any of these fields of interest

What does it cost?

Course registration is $99 CDN and includes:

  • 60 days of online access (expect to spend a total of 8 hours completing the course)
  • A comprehensive resource kit, including risk assessment templates and industry references on a full range of hazards related to a changing climate.

For more information on registration and payment options, please visit the CSA website, or contact Devin Causley.

Page Updated: 18/01/2017