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Through FCM, elected officials of small and large local governments come together to share knowledge and work on issues that matter to all Canadians.

FCM advances the interests of municipalities by advocating forsound policy in all areas where federal jurisdiction impacts local issues. FCM's Board of Directors — comprising 75 elected municipal officials from all regions of Canada — sets policy priorities that reflect the concerns of all local governments. FCM influences policy decisions through members' interactions with partners and stakeholders in government, business and industry organizations. 


  • Fixing Canada's Housing Crunch

    Fixing Canada's Housing Crunch

    High home prices and record levels of household debt are pricing a growing number of Canadians out of homeownership, which places mounting pressure on an already crowded rental market and on crumbling affordable housing units.
  • Rail Safety

    Rail Safety

    The latest on rail safety
  • Infrastructure


    Responding to aging infrastructure
Page Updated: 22/07/2015