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Upcoming events

From our two major conferences to our workshops and webinars, FCM hosts a range of events to share information that Canadian municipalities can use to overcome their challenges and address the needs of their citizens.

Bringing together municipal leaders from across Canada, our events offer participants the opportunity to learn from one another, network with peers and build productive working relationships.


    Related Events

    • QUEST 2016

      QUEST 2016 (October 18-20, 2016)

      Calgary, AB — Cities and communities are at the heart of our economic, infrastructure, and climate challenges. By advancing Smart Energy Communities we can turn these challenges into a once-in-a-generation opportunity.
    • World Water-Tech North America Summit

      World Water-Tech North America Summit (October 18-20, 2016)

      Toronto, ON — Over 35 speakers from innovative municipalities, private utilities, corporate investors, engineering giants and emerging technology companies will meet in Toronto to discuss new paths to finance and develop smart, connected infrastructure and closed loop resource recovery systems.
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