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GMF Council 2016–2017

The GMF Council is guided by a council chair and a vice-chair. One-third of Council members are elected municipal officials appointed by the FCM Board of Directors, one-third are Government of Canada representatives, and one-third are external members representing the public, private, academic and environment sectors.

Members representing the municipal sector

  • Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson

    Councillor Henderson was first elected to Edmonton City Council in 2007. He is on FCM's standing committees for Social Economic Development, Increasing Women's Participation in Municipal Government, and Municipal Infrastructure and Transportation Policy. He has also been an FCM board member of since 2008, and became chair of the GMF Council in 2015. Henderson brings a master's degree in Fine Arts and years of experience as a theatre director.
  • Mark Heyck

    Mark Heyck

    A municipal leader and heritage professional, Mark serves as mayor of the City of Yellowknife and website and multimedia coordinator for the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. He was appointed to the GMF Council in 2007 and is now vice-chair.
  • Berry Vrbanovic

    Berry Vrbanovic

    Berry Vrbanovic was elected mayor of Kitchener in 2014 after having served on Kitchener City council for six consecutive terms, beginning in 1994. Mayor Vrbanovic was an active member of the FCM Board from 2000 to 2013. He chaired a variety of standing committees during his time on the Board and was president in 2011-2012. Berry has been a leader on environmental initiatives in his community and is a former Co-Chair of Kitchener's Environmental Advisory Committee.
  • Martin Damphousse

    Martin Damphousse

    Martin Damphousse has lived in Varennes for 20 years and was elected mayor on November 1, 2009, with the environment as a priority.
  • Andrea Reimer

    Andrea Reimer

    Andrea Reimer is the Councillor of Vancouver and has been involved in Canadian politics for 15 years. Councillor Reimer was first elected to Vancouver City Council in 2008, and re-elected in 2011 and 2014. She is known for being a climate change champion and is familiar with the challenges that municipalities face when tackling issues of environmental sustainability.

Members representing the federal government

  • Patricia Fuller

    Patricia Fuller

    Patricia Fuller joined Natural Resources Canada in August of 2015 as Director General of the Office of Energy Efficiency.
  • Sonya Read

    Sonya Read

    As director of environmental initiatives for Infrastructure Canada, Sonya oversees the Green Infrastructure Fund, environmental initiatives under the major infrastructure component of the Building Canada Plan, and environmental policy issues related to infrastructure.
  • Gilles Jean

    Gilles Jean

    Gilles is the director general of the Varennes Research Centre for Natural Resources Canada's CanmetENERGY, a leading research and knowledge centre in clean energy and technology development.
  • Eric Gagné

    Eric Gagné

    After spending four years in Louisiana, where he completed a Master's Degree in Environmental Sciences with a specialization in water quality management and worked as a Research Associate at Louisiana State University, Eric returned to Canada to begin a career in the public service in 2000.

Members representing the public, private, academic and environment sectors

  • Arne Elias

    Arne Elias

    Arne Elias is passionate about building sustainability in the transportation and energy sectors through applied research, projects, education and engagement.
  • Guy Burry

    Guy Burry

    Guy Burry is a senior strategist with strong financial literacy and organizational capabilities. He has a strong background in board leadership and governance across a wide range of corporate settings.
  • Marco Perron

    Marco Perron

    Marco Perron is a chartered accountant and a Partner at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT) and CEO of RCGT Consulting Inc. He has 18 years of professional experience working with public and private sector clients.
  • Andrew Bowerbank

    Andrew Bowerbank

    Andrew is currently the director, Sustainable Buildings Services at EllisDon Corporation where he is leading a team in the development of a new "low Carbon Agenda" for the company. He is a respected authority on green buildings, clean energy technologies, sustainable communities and industrial design with domestic and international experience in project development and diplomatic relations.
  • Nirmalendu Bhattacharya

    Nirmalendu Bhattacharya

    Recently retired from the position of director of engineering and public works for the District of Central Saanich, Nirmal brings practical experience in all areas of municipal activity supported by GMF and in working with municipal decision-makers.
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