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Former GMF Council Members

Former members representing the municipal sector

Acting Mayor Raymond Louie, Chair
City of Vancouver, British Columbia
Served 2009-2015

Lise Burcher
City of Guelph, Ontario
Served 2008-2014

Mayor Don Downe
Town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Served 2013-2014

Warden Lloyd Hines
Municipality of the District of Guysborough, Nova Scotia
Served 2008-2013

Mayor Michel Morin, Vice-Chair
Ville de Rivière-du-Loup, Québec
Served 2009-2013

Councillor Karen Leibovici, Chair
City of Edmonton, Alberta
Served 2007–2012

Mayor Jean Perras, Vice-Chair
Municipality of Chelsea, Québec
Served 2007–2010

Councillor Marguerite Ceschi-Smith, Vice-Chair
City of Brantford, Ontario
Served 2007–2008

Councillor Sheila Fougere
City of Halifax, Nova Scotia
Served 2007–2008

Mayor Sam Synard, Chair
Town of Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador
Served 2000–2007

Councillor Patricia A. Wallace, Vice-Chair
Past President and Vice-Chair
Union of British Columbia Municipalities
Served 2000–2007

Councillor Ken Lesniak, Vice-Chair (appointed Chair in 2007)
Strathcona County, Alberta
Served 2002–2007

Councillor Ann Bourget
City of Québec, Quebec
Served 2003–2006

Councillor Bill Mara
City of Windsor, Ontario
Served 2001–2003

Deputy Mayor Ken Friesen
Town of Steinbach, Manitoba
Served 2000–2002

Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt
Vice-President and Vice-Chair
City of Laval, Québec
Served 2000–2002

Alderman Bob Charters
City of Hamilton, Ontario
Served in 2000

Mayor Doug Archer
City of Regina, Saskatchewan
Served in 2000

Former members representing the federal government

Susan Humphrey (Alternate)
Associate Regional Director General
Ontario Region
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Served 2014-2016

Philippe Morel, Regional Director General
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Served 2010-2015

Sylvestre Fink (Alternate) 
Senior Policy Analyst, Policy and Communications, Environmental Initiatives
Infrastructure Canada 
Served 2012-2015

Paul Kluckner (Alternate)
Regional Director General, Pacific and Yukon Region
Environment Canada
Served 2012-2014

Carol Buckley
Director General, Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada
Served 2007-2015

Dr. Javier Gracia-Garza
Director General, Science and Technology Strategies
Environment Canada
Served 2008‒2013

John Marrone
Director General, Ottawa Research Centre
CanmetENERGY, Innovation and Energy Technology Sector
Natural Resources Canada
Served 2004‒2012

Catherine Higgens
Director General, Environmental Programs
Transport Canada
Served 2007–2011

Dr. Daniel Lebel (Alternate)
Regional Director General, Atlantic Region, Environment Canada
Served 2010–2011

Jim Wolmershausen
Regional Director General, Ontario
Environment Canada
Served in 2010

Philip Jago, (Alternate)
Director, Office of Energy Efficiency Buildings Division
Natural Resources Canada
Served 2008–2010

Linda Savoie, (Alternate)
Director, Environmental Initiatives
Environmental Affairs, Transport Canada
Served 2008–2010

Jim Abraham
Regional Director General, Atlantic Region
Environment Canada
Served 2007–2010

Maria Dober, (Alternate)
Manager, Sydney Tar Ponds
Environmental Protection Operations Division, Environmental Stewardship Branch
Environment Canada, Atlantic Region
Served 2008–2010

Anne O'Toole
Director General, Public and Resources Sectors
Environment Canada
Served 2007–2008

Guylaine Roy
Director General, Special Projects
Policy Group, Transport Canada
Served in 2007

Anne Auger (Alternate)
Director, Office of Energy Efficiency
Energy Technology and Programs Sector, Natural Resources Canada
Served 2005–2007

Shirley Anne Scharf (Alternate)
Technology and Industry Branch
Environment Canada
Served 2005–2007

David MacIsaac (Alternate)
Acting Director, Environmental Initiatives
Transport Canada
Served in 2006

Robert Lyman
Director General, Environmental Affairs
Transport Canada
Served 2002–2006

Neil MacLeod
General Director, Office of Energy Efficiency, Energy Sector
Natural Resources Canada
Served 2000–2006

Margaret Kenny
Director General, Environmental Technology Advancement Directorate
Environment Canada
Served in 2005

Gordon Owen
Director General, Air Pollution Prevention Directorate
Environmental Protection Service, Environment Canada
Served 2003–2005

Garth Bengay
Regional Director General, Atlantic Region
Environment Canada
Served in 2002–2005

Bryan Cook
Director General, CanmetENERGY Technology Branch
Natural Resources Canada
Served 2000–2004

David Thornton
Acting Director General, Environmental Technology Advancement Directorate
Environment Canada
Served 2000–2003

Phil Kurys
Acting Director General, Environmental Affairs
Transport Canada
Served in 2002

Nancy Schepers
Director General, Environmental Affairs
Transport Canada
Served 2001–2002

Jean-Pierre Gauthier
Director General, Quebec Region
Environment Canada
Served 2000–2002

John Forster
Director General, Environmental Affairs
Transport Canada
Served 2000–2001

Former members representing the private and academic sectors

Karen Nasmith, Managing Director, Co-Founder
Project Neutral
Served 2012-2016

Alexander S. Wood
Executive Director, Ontario Climate Change Directorate
Served 2012-2015

Emilio Imbriglio
President and CEO, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton 
Served 2012-2015

Tammy Lomas-Jylhä
Vice-President, Sustainable Remediation and Brownfield Services, Bloom Centre for Sustainability (formerly OCETA)
Served 2005–2011

James R. Craven
Municipal Financial Analyst, James Craven & Associates
Served 2003–2012

Michael Roschlau
President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Urban Transit Association
Served 2007–2012

Philippe Dunsky
President, Dunsky Energy Consulting
Served 2002–2012

Eva Ligeti L.L.B., L.L.M.
Executive Director, Clean Air Partnership
Served 2005–2012

Dave Reynolds
President, Discovery Environmental Consulting Ltd.
Served 2005–2006

Stephanie Foster
Executive Director, Centre for Environment and Sustainability, Upper Canada College
Vice-president, CH2M HILL Canada
Served 2002–2005

Dennis Bevington
Stand Alone Energy Systems
Served 2000–2005

Beth Johnson
Beth Johnson Consulting
Served 2000–2005

Mark Gilbert, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Nova Scotia Municipal Finance Corporation
Served 2002–2003

Professor Raymond Côté
School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University
Served 2000–2002

Nick Sonntag, President
CH2M Gore and Storrie Limited, and President, CH2M HILL Canada Limited
Served 2000–2002

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