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Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC)

Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is the national trade association for Canada's home, car and business insurers.

IBC leads work on public policy issues that affect more than just the property and casualty insurance industry but all Canadians, including:

Through consumer information campaigns and five regional Consumer Information Centres, IBC helps Canadians to understand their insurance and protect themselves, their property and their families.

Your partner in adaptation

Being on the front lines when disaster strikes, the insurance industry is acutely aware of the costly and devastating impact of severe weather.

IBC has made adapting to severe weather a priority. We're spreading the word on the need to update infrastructure, engage consumers on how to protect themselves and their property, and collaborate with provincial and municipal governments to help develop, promote and implement adaptation measures.

From rain barrel strategy experiments to a groundbreaking municipal risk assessment tool that helps municipalities identify infrastructure weaknesses, IBC supports research projects to help foster community resilience.  

Page Updated: 21/12/2015